Grats to Santa Cruz!

  • Al Buchwald took gold at: Gryphon Fencing Vet Men’s Foil – Placentia, CA
  • James Mulligan won silver in both the Div II and Div IA events at Region IV ROC – Denver, CO.  His Div IA second place earned him his B2016 and qualified him for Div IA at Nationals/July Challenge in Dallas this summer.
  • James Mulligan won the Men’s Foil Div III event and re-earned his C2016 at the Div III/Vet NAC – Richmond, CA
  •  Kim Bolin’s highest finish of Div III, Vet Combined Women’s Foil and Vet 40 Women’s Foil was 16 in the Vet Combined Women’s Foil at the Div III/Vet NAC – Richmond, CA
  • Tristan Barca-Hall placed 14th in the Div II event and 28th in the Div IA event at the Region V Wang Memorial ROC – Dallas, TX.
  • Alessio Bernardi and Marshall Carter tied for Bronze at the last TFC FoilThon in San Jose, CA.
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