Online Payment Processing and Scheduling

I resisted successfully for years, but finally had to remit.

Our continued club growth (combined with the new addition to my family… aka “The Gibson Effect”) has made it difficult for me to keep the paperwork straight. So, after considerable research, I decided on an online payment process program best suited to  streamline and automate our tuition gathering and scheduling processes.

Moving forward, new and existing students will sign up and login to Zen Planner to sign up and pay for classes and private lessons.  The system will require online signing of a waiver for both new and current students. It will record attendance, send receipts for payments, will send automated renewal reminder emails and more.

Additionally, if you wish to automate and streamline YOUR life a little, together we can set the system to automatically charge your credit or debit card or ACH transfer straight from your bank account.

My Thanks and Appreciation

Once again, I cannot express how honored and lucky I feel to be your fencing coach. I could not have imagined a better life for myself than to show others what a great sport we get to enjoy. Our forthcoming years will be filled with much learning laughter and joy, and I am beyond happy and proud that you continue to choose allow Salle Santa Cruz/ Monarch Fencing be a part of it.

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