Open Fencing


Open fencing is a time at the fencing club when fencing club members can fence or perhaps take a private lesson . There is no fencing class per se.

Experienced fencers can can attend Open Fencing by becoming club members and upon completion of either a Youth or Adult waiver. Students taking classes can also attend Open Fencing for an additional fee.

Waivers must be signed prior to participation. Pandemic type masks must be worn at all times. Temperatures must be taken prior to entry.

Youth Waiver

Adult Waiver


  • The cost to attend both fencing class and open fencing is 445.00/ 3 months. 495.00/ 3 months with gear rental.
  • The cost for experienced fencers to only attend open fencing is 275.00/ 3 months or 320.00/ 3 months with gear rental.