Ocean Grove Information

To OG ESs,

First of all, I want to thank you. I genuinely appreciate your time and efforts on behalf of the families and kiddos you so diligently serve. It’s a good work you do.

Special thanks for those who serve students with special needs or learning differences. I very much enjoy working with these kids and am pleased when they try out my fencing class.

A few thoughts and helpful hints:

  • I bill OG at semesters end. No need to break the semester into multiple P.Os.
  • The format that works best seems to be: Number of Sessions x unit price= Amount
  • Student accounts are billed for missed classes unless other arrangements are made.
  • Students that have missed class are encouraged to attend one of my other fencing classes!
  • If a student wishes to discontinue classes, I require an email to this effect on or prior to the day they wish to discontinue. Otherwise, my assumption is that they are still enrolled and their OG account will be billed accordingly.

I love teaching fencing. Love it. If there are any concerns, difficulties, or challenges of any kind, please feel free to contact me. We’ll get it figured out.

Looking Forward,

Robin Phillips

Owner, Monarch Fencing LLC
Fencing Coach, Salle Santa Cruz
Fencing Coach, The Fencing Center of San Jose
Fencing Instructor, University of California Santa Cruz