About Salle Santa Cruz

Founded in 1992 by head coach Kevin Osborn, Salle Santa Cruz  has become known as one of the friendliest fencing clubs in the Santa Cruz/ Monterey Bay area.

Small, intimate, active, inclusive. That’s Salle Santa Cruz.

The SSC Philosophy

We feel it is vitally important to create a club where everyone is welcome and no one feels excluded, regardless of their skill level or fencing philosophy.

Santa Cruz has seen fencing clubs come and go and for each club, participation has always been the key factor in their failure or success. We’re always looking for more fencers and future fencers to join us in the Santa Cruz area.

Salle Santa Cruz is committed to the following:

  • To support and encourage fencing in the Santa Cruz area
  • To provide a facility where fencers can meet, practice and discuss common concerns
  • To provide electric scoring equipment
  • To keep floor fees low
  • To provide accident insurance for those fencing at our club