First Fencing Gear Purchase


Buying fencing gear for the first time can be a daunting experience. I hope this will help.

First a few tips:

  • All vendors have a link somewhere to help you measure your fencer for the correct size.
  • Clothing manufacturers size their garments differently from one another. American. European. Chinese. Use the vendor sizing link to guide you.
  • Vendors like it when confused parents and new fencers call them and ask questions. They’d much rather send you the correct gear in the first place than process a return.
  • If you find a great deal on ebay or craigslist send me a link and I’ll tell you if it’s worth buying.

Preferred Vendor 

Alliance Fencing Gear: 3201 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA 94121 (415) 666-3606

Starter Kit: A foil starter kit can be a great way to just get it done all at once and not worry about gear for a while. Any one of these kits will fit the bill for the beginning fencer.

If you wish to buy individual pieces of kit, you should consider the following:

Beginning Fencers

  • Practice mask or Competition mask. Masks typically last 3-5 years or more before they need replacing. With masks, a fit that is a little snug is better than a mask that fits a little loose.
  • Glove (A little loose is better)
  • Jacket. (A little loose is better).
  • Foil Pick any except the DYNAMO
    • Size: 9-11 year olds I recommend size 2. Older get size 5
    • Point: German. Don’t skimp on the point.
    • Guard: I recommend “Silver Guard”
    • Insulation: Insulated
    • Handle: Pistol Grip, S, M, or L
    • Pad: Clear
    • Bodycord: Alliance Transparent Bodycord

Intermediate and Advanced fencers