Armory Services

I typically stock German FWF FIE tips, points and PTB wires. I’ve been testing the new AF tips as well.

You are invited to provide parts you wish me to use (and you will save money by doing so). If you provide a point assembly, you must provide the appropriate wire as well.

Foil/ Epee Repair

  • Assessment*: 5.00
  • Re-wire service: 20.00
  • Wire: 8.00 (PTB)
  • Tip Only: 10.00 (German FWF)
  • Point: Foil FWF 15.00 (AF: 10.00) Epee: 18.00 (German FWF)
  • Socket: 8.00 (AF)
  • Washer and Pommel Nut: 2.50
  • Good used Bell Guard and Thumb Pad: 0.00- 3.00
  • Shiny new Bell Guard: 10.00 (AF, Aluminum)
  • Transparent Thumb Pad: (AF) 3.00
  • Tape, wire insulation tubing, various screws, glues and springs included with each repair.

All weapons will be returned tournament ready– passing tape, weight and shims.

Typical repair time is a few days to a week.

*I’ll usually wave the assessment fee if the repair needs are obvious.

Body Cord Repair

  • Assessment and Repair Service:  5.00
  • New 2 Prong Plug: 7.00
  • New 3 Prong Plug: 7.00
  • Retaining Clip: 3.00
  • New Alligator Clip: 3.00

Have you considered learning body cord repair? You should try it! It’s easy.

Club Equipment

  • Reels 25.00 Repair Service, (plus cost of parts).
  • Scoring box power supply repair. 10.00 (plus cost of parts).