UCSC – Slug Fencing

Learn to fence through UCSC Physcical Education Classes!


  • PHYE 25B – 01          Foil          Tues/ Thurs  2:00-3:00   East Gym

Back in the day, if you wanted to survive a rapier duel, you trained with a foil. The rules of modern foil echo concepts taught to survive a duel. Learning to leverage the situation so that the rules fall to your favor is at the heart of modern foil.

It takes a cool head, creativity under pressure and a gamers knack for strategy to excel at foil fencing.

  • PHYE 25A – 01          Epee        Tues/ Thurs  3:00-4:00   East Gym
    • Hit them.
    • Hit them first.
    • ­Hit them with the pointy end.
    • Hit them wherever you want. (Let your conscience be your guide).

No muss. No fuss. Just swordplay. That’s the beauty of modern epee.

  • PHYE 25C – 01          Sabre      Tues/ Thurs  4:00-5:00   East Gym

Arguably the most fun starting out, sabre feels like “real” swordplay. Because you can score with both the point and edge of the blade, actions tend to be bigger and bolder. However, under this thin veneer of flash, hack and slash resides a sport where careful control of distance and timing is critical for success…. Sabre. Get your hack on.


Anonymous feedback from my UCSC students

Please comment on how the instructor’s teaching helped your learning in this course.

  • The history lecture/presentation was one of the best I have ever attended.
  • Professor Phillips is a wonderful instructor. He is very kind,skillful, and he puts great effort into teaching his students and ensuring that they progress and enjoy this sport.
  • He made sure the class had a fun, comfortable atmosphere.
  • One of my favorite classes at UCSC
  • His passion for fencing and sharing it with us was very apparent, and he really cared about our progress. It was an awesome class that was something I always look forward to.
  • Your enthusiasm made going to class so much fun! This was my first time taking a P.E. course at UCSC and I’m so glad it was your class!
  • The instructor is so passionate about this sport that he is able to easily motivate you.
  • His instructions are usually very clear, he is very friendly and he always makes each class a very fun experience.
  • Great relaxed fencing coach, taught me a lot this quarter.
    Professor Phillips is very good about making time to analyze each students individual ability and would adjust his teaching methods appropriately to their level.
  • Spent the 10 weeks spacing out when skill development should be and when practice should be.
  • Robin is an excellent fencing instructor, and I learned a ton from him.
  • Robin is super nice and a great teacher.
  • He always had meaningful drills.
  • This teacher was incredibly helpful, he put in the time and effort to make sure that we all knew how to fence.
    Class was always exciting! I really enjoyed all of the activities and matches. I had no prior experience with fencing, but I now feel I have a much better understanding of the sport.
  • Robin is passionate about both fencing and teaching, and this passionate radiates in the class. He is very easy to get along with and learn from. These classes are always a joy, and I always look back satisfied with what I’ve learned. Each class has had a marked improvement.
  • Robin is a fantastic instructor as always! This is my fourth quarter taking courses with him and I could not be happier.
  • My well-being and fitness has improved significantly and my
    skills in fencing have improved in leaps and bounds
  • I thought the class was perfect as is.
  • Cannot think of any way Robin could be better at what he does, he is already incredible
  • Robin was such an awesome teacher. I came into the course with no prior experience what so ever and Robin took the time to help me learn the basics and grow to truly enjoy fencing. If my schedule permits in the fall, I would gladly enroll again in his class.
  • Robin is very passionate about fencing and it’s great to learn from him.
    Coach Robin Has to be one of the nicest, caring and passionate teachers here at UCSC.
  • His love for teaching the sport has helped myself find a passion as will that will likely last a lifetime. He helps everyone from those first starting the class, to those wanting to learn more to compete in higher ranked events.
  • I thought the class was perfect overall.
  • After my last few years here, I have contributed my success to a few things. The fencing classes here have been an outlet that helps me relive stress. From these classes I have met friends, explored my thoughts to overcome coursework problems, and helped keep myself in shape. I truly thank those at OPERS and Coach Robin Phillips for the time spent and effort gone into them.

More fencing, please…

Slug fencers enjoy an open invitation to attend open fencing at Salle Santa Cruz at no charge. We even have equipment you can use =)

  • Tues: 8:00pm – 9:30: Foil
  • Thurs: 8:00pm – 9:30: Foil/ Epee/ Sabre


Does UCSC have a student run fencing club?

Why yes. Yes it does…