Adult Classes

~Adult Fencing Classes- Santa Cruz

Compared to our youth classes, our Adult classes are a bit less spirited, but no less rewarding. 

In the adult classes we spend a little more time with warm up and gentle stretching, and take a longer term– kinder view, regarding athleticism and agility. You’ll certainly burn a few calories, and possibly sleep a little better that night, but we try to be very cognizant, attentive and considerate of your current level of fitness.
This is also the class for parents who wish to learn fencing alongside their children.

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Regarding COVID-19 Local, state, and federal guidelines will be observed.
Adults and youth 14 years and older
Veterans Hall Memorial building
846 Front Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060 (Next to the Post Office)
Room 21
Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00
Students should wear Tee-shirts and athletic shoes, and sweat pants if they have them. If not, shorts, (for now), are ok, but comfortable long pants are strongly recommended. 
~Try two classes free.
Because of the pandemic, students must rent gear until they acquire their own. The set includes a gear bag, fencing jacket, fencing mask, and glove. This set will only be used by the individual student and be kept separate from other gear.
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Bring a full water bottle. We’ll supply the rest.