Beginning Youth

Beginning Youth Fencing Classes (ages 9+) 
 Class: Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm
Open Fencing and Private lessons: 8:00-9:30
 ~Youth practices are athletic and spirited with equal emphasis paid to general fitness, agility and fencing and fun.
 ~My goal each practice is to send the students home happy and tired, knowing a little more than when they came in.
Youth Waiver and try Two Classes Free: 
Have your parent or guardian complete the online waiver and show up for class a couple of times!
All you need to do is complete the online waiver and show up =)
~Garfield Church (aka “Circle Church”) gymnasium. 
~111 Errett Circle, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
~Students should wear Tee-shirts and athletic shoes, and sweat pants if they have them. If not, shorts, (for now), are ok, but comfortable long pants will eventually be required.
~Try two classes free: All you have to do is complete an online waiver and show up for class a couple of times!
~The introductory discount for the first two months, paid lump sum, is $150.00
~Successive months = $150.00/ month or $345.00 per quarter
~There are no other fees.
Add a second family member to receive a 20% discount for that membership.
Add a third family member to receive a 30% Discount for that membership.
Bring a water bottle. We’ll supply the rest.
~The club supplies fencing gear that students are welcome to use during practice sessions until they get their own.
~When the student is ready for his/ her own gear, I’ll show you where and how to get good, inexpensive fencing gear.