Fencing and COVID-19 Virus

Classes will continue as scheduled.

Please review this website often. Any changes to the schedule will be reflected here.

Fencers are urged to purchase, clean and maintain their own personal gear.

Fencers should invest in a personal mask, jacket, and glove. Intermediate and advanced students should also purchase knickers, lame, electric foil, body cord, underarm protector and a fencing bag to protect and carry gear.

Click HERE for additional information on gear purchase.

Fencers who have not yet purchased their own gear will be assigned a numbered mask, jacket and glove which only they should use.

Club gear will be washed/ cleaned/ wiped with anti-viral products in accordance with CDC guidelines.

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Yes fencing on 1-2-18

Happy new year!

Let’s fence on the 2nd!

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Holiday Hours

No Fencing:

  • Saturday, December 23rd, 2017
  • Tuesday,  December 26th, 2017

Yes Fencing:

  • Saturday, December 30th, 2017

and Yes Fencing thereafter…


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No fencing Nov 25th, 2017

The club will be closed on Thanksgiving and the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 25th, 2017.

We will resume the following Tuesday as if nothing happened…



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No fencing Saturday December 24th

No fencing Saturday December 24th
Outside of that, it’s fencing as usual =)

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Online Payment Processing and Scheduling

I resisted successfully for years, but finally had to remit.

Our continued club growth (combined with the new addition to my family… aka “The Gibson Effect”) has made it difficult for me to keep the paperwork straight. So, after considerable research, I decided on an online payment process program best suited to  streamline and automate our tuition gathering and scheduling processes.

Moving forward, new and existing students will sign up and login to Zen Planner to sign up and pay for classes and private lessons.  The system will require online signing of a waiver for both new and current students. It will record attendance, send receipts for payments, will send automated renewal reminder emails and more.

Additionally, if you wish to automate and streamline YOUR life a little, together we can set the system to automatically charge your credit or debit card or ACH transfer straight from your bank account.

My Thanks and Appreciation

Once again, I cannot express how honored and lucky I feel to be your fencing coach. I could not have imagined a better life for myself than to show others what a great sport we get to enjoy. Our forthcoming years will be filled with much learning laughter and joy, and I am beyond happy and proud that you continue to choose allow Salle Santa Cruz/ Monarch Fencing be a part of it.

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New Saturday Hours

Hi all,

Just a note that our Saturday hours have changed. New hours are:

  • Beginning Adult Fencing: Sat, 9:00am to 10:30 am.
  • Competitive fencing: Sat, 10:30am-12:30pm
  • All level, all weapon Open Fencing: 12:30-2:00pm

This will allow my Beginning class the entire gym to train while allowing the competitive class to easily transition to open fencing.


Hope to see you this Saturday!


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2016 National Champion James Mulligan

james_kimGrats to James Mulligan who won a gold medal in BOTH Div 2 and Div3 mens foil this year. This is by any measure a stupendous achievement! The last person to do this was Cody Mattern… who continued to become an Olympic gold medalist.

James and his mom Kim Bolin both learned to fence right here at Salle Santa Cruz! In addition to taking classes since day one, he’s been taking private lessons from club founder and coach Kevin Osborn for 3 years.

California fencing clubs accounted for 11 national champions, followed by New York clubs – 7 champions, New Jersey clubs – 6 champions, Oregon clubs – 5 champions and Massachusetts clubs – 4 champions. Pleased and proud to do our part 😉

Check out Mr. Mulligan’s Santa Cruz Sentinel news article here!

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I can haz baby?

Introducing my son

  • Gibson Casey Phillips
  • born 5-2-16.
  • 8 lbs, 9 oz, 21.5″
  • I am smitten =)
  • baby, mom, and biological mom are all doing great!


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Grats to Santa Cruz!

  • Al Buchwald took gold at: Gryphon Fencing Vet Men’s Foil – Placentia, CA
  • James Mulligan won silver in both the Div II and Div IA events at Region IV ROC – Denver, CO.  His Div IA second place earned him his B2016 and qualified him for Div IA at Nationals/July Challenge in Dallas this summer.
  • James Mulligan won the Men’s Foil Div III event and re-earned his C2016 at the Div III/Vet NAC – Richmond, CA
  •  Kim Bolin’s highest finish of Div III, Vet Combined Women’s Foil and Vet 40 Women’s Foil was 16 in the Vet Combined Women’s Foil at the Div III/Vet NAC – Richmond, CA
  • Tristan Barca-Hall placed 14th in the Div II event and 28th in the Div IA event at the Region V Wang Memorial ROC – Dallas, TX.
  • Alessio Bernardi and Marshall Carter tied for Bronze at the last TFC FoilThon in San Jose, CA.
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