2016 National Champion James Mulligan

james_kimGrats to James Mulligan who won a gold medal in BOTH Div 2 and Div3 mens foil this year. This is by any measure a stupendous achievement! The last person to do this was Cody Mattern… who continued to become an Olympic gold medalist.

James and his mom Kim Bolin both learned to fence right here at Salle Santa Cruz! In addition to taking classes since day one, he’s been taking private lessons from club founder and coach Kevin Osborn for 3 years.

California fencing clubs accounted for 11 national champions, followed by New York clubs – 7 champions, New Jersey clubs – 6 champions, Oregon clubs – 5 champions and Massachusetts clubs – 4 champions. Pleased and proud to do our part 😉

Check out Mr. Mulligan’s Santa Cruz Sentinel news article here!

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