Ya done good =)

Grats to the following Monarch Fencing fencers who performed exceptionally well at the 3rd Annual Santa Rita Invitational at Bolsa Knolls in Salinas!

There were 54 competitors from 4 different clubs and schools. We Fielded 17 and took 9 of the top 13 spots including top 3!

54 Fencers total

1 James Mulligan (Salle Santa Cruz & Pacific Collegiate School)
2 Sam Nelson (Salle Santa Cruz & Pacific Collegiate School)
3 Zephyra Paxton (Salle Santa Cruz)
6 Zane Pena (Salle Santa Cruz)
7 Alex Pollard (Salle Santa Cruz & Santa Cruz Homeschool)
10 Callum Farber (Salle Santa Cruz)
11 Ian Connelly (Salle Santa Cruz)
12 Marshall Carter (Salle Santa Cruz)
13 Dustin Lopez (Salle Santa Cruz & Pacific Collegiate School)
18 Alessio Bernardi (Salle Santa Cruz)
34 Tucker Pasquinelli (Salle Santa Cruz)
36 Jonathan Shultze (Santa Cruz Home School)
37 Joe Larse (Salle Santa Cruz)
40 Simon Wilson (Monterey Homeschool)
51 Emily Covington (Santa Cruz Homeschool)

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