Grats to Asst Coach Alex Ody!

Congratulations to Alex for achieving Aide Moniteur de Fleuret certification. This required a minimum of 40 logged hours of classroom coaching and passing written, oral and practical exams.


His exams were proctored by Coach Robin Phillips and Coach Kevin Osborn.

His certification is recognized by the Academie d’Armes Internationale, (AAI), the world organization of fencing masters.   There are currently more than 20 members nations in the AAI.  The diplomas awarded through the USFCA are recognized by the AAI and its member national academies throughout the world.

Part of my responsibility as a USFCA Coach is mentoring others who wish to learn about the coaching aspects of the sport. It’s been a pleasure working with Alex and am quite pleased with his achievement.

He will also be beginning study at UCLA this coming semester. Which I guess is also good… except that we’ll all miss him… very much.

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